woodland walks....

Since moving away Adrian and I haven't really had time to do that much exploring of our new homestead. So when, completely by accident, we discovered this woodland on a random walk one day, I thought it would be nice to go back to shoot some pictures there. Granted, being as it was a) overcast and b) I am still firmly in the grip of this horrible cold, they haven't come out as well as I might have liked but it's nice to have a change of scene and I'm sure we will go there lots to take pictures in the summer when the light is better.

I found these leggings in Sainsburys of all places-along with a cute boxy jumper and a pair of rather Isabel Marant-ish kitten heels, all in the sale. The leggings were £3, I don't know if you can see in the pictures but they have a little jodhpur-style patch on the inside of the knees, which is pretty quirky and I like it!

We had a decent trudge round and then headed for home. I like to get out in the fresh air especially if I am feeling ill, like today. I think it helps!

Jacket, Vest: Topshop Leggings: Sainsburys Shirt: Vintage Jaeger Boots: Clarks Headband: Primark Cuff: Boots Bag: Vintage Hermes
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