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Hello all. Just a quick post this evening showcasing some lovely sunshiney snaps, so much so that I had to reach for my sunnies!
I am loving the sun at the moment, I just hope it comes to stay for longer! I am trying to start wearing more springlike colours and even though I have appeared to have failed on this count today, I did managed to squeeze a bit of springlike yellow into my look. I'm trying!
Jacket: Vintage Motel Tee: H&M Trousers: Topshop Shoes, Ring : Primark Sunglasses: Fabris Lane Chain: Vintage
These trousers haven't photographed that well but they are so nice, they are harem-ish but have tighter legs with zips at the ankle and a scarf tie at the front, they're such a great shape which is what drew me to them in the first place. Well, that and the Sale sign!
It's coming up to that time of year again where many shops on the high street go into their mid-season sales. I can't say that I feel that spring 2011 has been that strong on the high street-I've seen a few nice pieces but no real 'trends' breaking through aside the ones that come around perrenially-florals, luxe-y boho, colour...I haven't really seen much that I want to buy that I don't already have a version of in my wardrobe from previous years. I have been buying blouses more than tee shirts this spring, and my trouser obsession has continued unabated...I really was hoping to get into skirts more and I have bought a vintage pleated one; though I am coveting the hot pink pleated 'Carrie' skirt from Whistles though my budget just won't allow it. Pffft.
These sunglasses were a purchase from last year which I have decided to spin again this season. I am notorious with sunglasses-breaking them, sitting on them, losing them; the list is endless. These gorgeous Fabris Lane frames came from Boots and I had a 50% off voucher which made them about £27. I chose a fairly classic frame; I always buy a pair of (knock off) Raybans from Primark every year as well as a pair of metal framed Aviators but I wanted something that was more timeless just in case I wanted to ramp up the glam factor and I think these glasses fit the bill perfectly.
These shoes were £2.
Money saving tip of the day #1: Invest in classic shapes for greater longevity.
Money saving tip of the day #2: Make old pieces seem new again with a touch of clever accessorising.
PS I think my post title is wierdly prophetic as a member of Alice in Chains (rock band) died today. R.I.P Mike Starr, carry on rockin upstairs
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Rosie Savage said...

Lovely outfit! Those trousers do look amazing, and especially with that hit of yellow.
I desperately want some RayBans,

Rosie x

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