Lather, Rinse, Repeat....

Coat: ASDA Silk Top, Trousers: Gap Shoes: Staccato Necklace: Vintage
Apologies upfront: World's most boring outfit repeater! I do love this look and it's nearly all uniform for work so you can see why it's getting a re-show! I feel a little bit jaded today-the news in Japan has pretty much overshadowed everything else and I feel ever so sad about it. I'm sending them lots of love and prayers. It's things like this that make me appreciate tenfold the wonderful things I have in my life, and make me feel ashamed about all the trivial problems I waste my time worrying about.
One such problem, which I'll share because it is so trivial, so ridiculous, and therefore really quite funny, was the state of my bod yesterday! It's a long(ish) story, so I'll begin at the start (obvs!).
Since moving to the Big City with Adrian, my regular intake of exercise has pretty much gone out the window. I used to dance regularly, 3 hours on a Tuesday night and then normally another night during the week, I'd do aerobics and I'd walk-loads. Mainly because Adrian used to live on a busy street so I'd have to park miles away and trudge to his house with my little overnight napsack!
Anyway, since moving I have become a massive slouch! No more dance (I miss it!) no more walking (I can park outside the flat-whoopee!) and no more napsack (we live together-double whoopeee!) So now my evenings consist of: Telly, Sweets, Cups of Tea, and a whole lot of lazyness!
The upshot of this in turn: I feel bloated, sluggish, and basically like a lazy layabout so on my day off I decided to do something about it. I reached for my Ministry of Sound Pump it Up mega hard exercise DVD and went on a body blitz.
Which was, totes, the wrong thing to do. Evidently I hadn't heard of the concept of starting slowly and building up to previous fitness levels....
Of course, after an hour of leaping about like a jumping jellybean on steroids, I thought a further half hour of butt blasting and leg shaping was in order, followed by some yoga, and rounded off with a brisk walk (it was a nice day!) into the village. ERROR! I felt amazing, which proves that all that endorphins gubbins exercise gives you is true, but, at 3am, when I awoke with the most incredible stomach ache, caused, I'm sure, by a bad case of pulled muscles! I tried to get out of bed, and I felt like I'd done 10 rounds in the ring! My legs wouldn't move, my stomach hurt, my arms were sore, my chest felt really tight...all in all, it was definitely a case of overdoing it which proves my point that exercise is bad for your health!
Actually, 3 days later I'm actually feeling a little more like myself-I can actually walk downstairs correctly now and Adrian has (just about) stopped laughing. I've decided I will just do a section of the DVD next time-not the whole damn thing. I have also got right into yoga as well, I did a little bit last night and it's actually really hard; although the moves are stationary, they make your muscles work!
So thats my silly exercise story!
In other, more fashionable news...My ASOS order(s!) arrived today, whoop! So I'm sure you'll be seeing a haul post soon!
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Laura said...

Love the coat! It really suits you :) x

Anonymous said...

Oh, a very nice outfit. Like the colour combination and your shoes. Nice
xoxo Anna

helen turnbull said...

I love the lighting of your photos. You look adorable in these. Thanks so much for the following :).

Helen, X

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