In the absence of Acne....

So, you'll remember in my post here how I was harping on about being desperate for the nude Acne 'Pistol' boots. The thing is, they cost £360, and I don't think I can bear to spend a months rent on a pair of boots....well, I can, to be fair, but I don't have it to spare, so that kind of kicks that idea into touch.
In this mindset I thought it would be worth looking for something similar. Not a difficult task, you might think-I mean, how basic and simple are the Acne boots? (above) I thought (wrongly) that it would be easy to find an identikit pair.
FAIL! I have found 3 other styles after spending an entire evening trawling the internet.

First up: River Island, £74.99
Pros: Very similar in colour and shape
Very simple
Cons: Look at the height of that heel!

Pied a Terre Ostrya P £165
Pros: Great shape
Perfect heel height
Cons: A little darker than I would like

Radley Grays £150
Pros: Lovely heel
Great shape
Cons: Don't like the cuff
Material looks cheap.

I am like the shoe version of Goldilocks right now. I can't stop until I find a pair that is just right!

I've just discovered these!
These are just about perfect! I can't believe it! They're from Clarks of all places, and cost £79 which is right at the top of my budget but obviously are a lot more affordable than £360!
I work near to a big Clarks store so I am going to go and investigate them in the flesh to see how they fit and if they really are as good as they look!
What do you think?!

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Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

The Clarks pair look almost identical! Shopping around really does pay off! Hope they are what you want when you see them in real life x

Style At Every Age said...

Great boots, lovely colour!

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