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Wow! this is a late post! Sorry, I have been busy doing various things on the computer and of course watching 'Take me Out', did anyone see Lucy FINALLY get a date, bless her!

Anyway, back to the clothes! I got these trousers in H&M for the unbelieveable price of £9.99. I bought a size 8 which fit perfectly but I am tempted to size up because I would like them looser on the legs-what do you think? They are really similar to the popular Whistles 'Dundee' silk harems which I almost bought in the summer for £125. Glad I didn't now!

I am holding my house keys in these pics-we raced outside as soon as I got in from work to take them before the light faded too much. Someone was having a bonfire and it felt like a spring evening despite the chill. I have a tigers eye stone on my keyring-it is a really good stone to have for strength and determination. My brother gave it to me.

Finally got round to painting my nails too!

Jacket: Topshop Shirt: Gap Trousers: H&M Boots: ASOS All Jewellery: Vintage Hair Clip: Accessorize

I had a little spree on ASOS today which I'm sure you'll be seeing the spoils of soon! I mainly bought jewellery, but I found a cool body harness for £4 and also a dress (I know, right?! ME! A DRESS!) that I had stalked for ages, reduced to £12, which I was not going to pass up! I also picked up a cape from ASOS WHITE which is my favourite of ASOS's own brands. I'll show you all the things I got in a haul post I expect, I am so excited to get my mitts on some new pieces of jewellery as I haven't bought any for ages. I found a lovely hand harness, palm cuff (which I saw and fell in love with on my friend Giselles' blog) and a double finger ring.

A little tip: To make any jacket or shirt look a little more edgy, roll the sleeve to bracelet length. Works for me!
Have a wonderful weekend
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Paint it Black said...

H&M trousers rock and the price is amamzing I always look forward to there printed trousers. These ones look fab on you cant wait to see your ASOS haul they have had some real bargains there lately.

So pleased for Lucy she has waited so long for a date cant wait for next weeks to see how she got one xoxo

Imsu said...

I love ASOS too. Been literally checking it daily for the items I'm saving up to buy. :)

As I Like It

Anonymous said...

Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for the information you post.

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