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 I'm a heels girl. Always have been. I'm sure I have regailed you all with tales of my first ever pair of heels-from Ravel on the Kingston high street, block heeled with a mini platform, denim zipped ankle boots-it was love at first sight (though I look back and cringe a bit now; denim shoes?! Really!?) So yes, safe to say, I love a decent heel, and given the choice, I would always choose a heel over a flattie.
However, as I get older, I do like to make sure I am confortable in my shoes. Gone are the days of the superheel and platform...I remember buying a pair of Faith knee high boots with a stupidly high heel and platform, which were surprisingly comfortable; I used to wear them to Sixth form with a red faux leather mac (Miss Whiplash much!?) I replaced another pair of Faith shoes with these boots, a black leather loafer style pair with a metal Gucci-style horsebit on the front and a massive heel and platform sole. I think I must have pretty much kept Faith stocks afloat in the late 90's. To be fair though, Faith shoes then were really well made, and lasted for years, and they were comfortable, which is why I used to save my money for weeks to be able to buy a pair. In fact when I moved out, I re-found the original platforms which were still in good (wearable) nick; sadly my style has changed rather abruptly since those days so I still feel a bit disdainful about the boots, I'd never wear them again, despite their similarity to a laceless pair of JC Litas.
 However, I would wear these, and they're not even heeled: Chloe studded and buckled numbers. Lush. I would put them with cut off denim shorts and a silk blouse so it isn't too far cowgirl or rock chic, but somewhere nicely in between.
image: Marieclaire.com
I am looking into new ways to wear flat boots because I've just bought a really lovely pair from TK Maxx. They are black suede Carvela's with buckles, flat biker-ish shape, reduced from £150 to £15! Loving that! I am going to wear them with little dresses in the summer I hope, and also now with skinny jeans and maybe harems if they look ok with them. They are quite slim, and not too rounded on the toe so they look quite streamlined with trousers. I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon! I will certainly be using Misses Moss and Chung as inspiration!
I am loving TK Maxx, it's such a rummage but there are some lovely things to be found if you have the patience. I found an Angel Jackson handbag for £30 and some Comme des Garcons jeans for £12, they had Cheap Monday, Quiksilver Women and DKNY in abundance as well in my local branch.
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Waveney said...

If only I could rock a flat like Alexa or Kate, I think I'd look like a man in brogues! Converse is all I can do!


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