Perfume is so personal. I always used to wear YSL Elle, which my dear friend Laura kindly bought for me one Christmas-she must have thought I would like it, and I did-loved it to be precise and got through a huge bottle in no time at all!
Then I got quite into L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani-it was so fresh and citrusy and I loved the change. This last year, I've been using a plethora of scents, mainly consisting of: Burberry Brit (love it, but it's quite young-smelling), Guerlain Insolence (will buy again, on me it smells like parma violets...yum!) and Sarah Jessica Parker Covet (bought it because it was on offer, but not really sure about it....)
Usually I avoid celebrity scents like the plague, but I have been plesantly surprised by some, like Gwen Stefani's, and their price is normally quite a lot less than scents by more classic houses.

I found a gift set containing Kate Moss's new scent, Vintage Muse, in my local Boots for a fiver, it had a 30ml perfume and a body lotion in it so I thought I'd give it a whirl, it's very musky and really quite vintage-smelling, it has a lot of deep tones to it and is more an evening scent and very different to anything I've worn before.
I am also planning to buy Love by Chloe, I adore this scent which is also quite heavy and rich but mellows to a gorgeous scent through the day.
What's your choice of perfume?
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Kelly said...

I'm a girl who loves wearing scent but my mister has a sensitive nose...

So I've found a happy fit with "Falling in Love" by Philosophy - it's really light and mellows quickly.

Many find it to be too sweet, but I think it has a certain freshness that balances it out nicely.

If Colton's not around, I love the floral scents from Melodie Perfumes on Etsy, especially Bloom and Violette.

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