Shearling Reversed....

I was talking about the Quiksilver Women's range just the other day and I have stumbled across another winner...this jacket, which is like a great big hug of a thing! It's soooo soft and it's kind of a reversed shearling, which is what attracted me to it. The shearling makes up the bulk of the jacket and there is a leather trim on the edge and the cuffs. I love it.  

I love these shoes, but I can only wear them for about an hour as they really hurt my feet!

Jumper, Chino's: Gap Scarf: Vintage Jacket: Quiksilver Women's Shoes: Staccato

I discovered a new weekly newspaper/magazine today-it's called Stylist and I found it in my local French Connection, apparently it comes out every Wednesday and is really cute-a nice mix of social network, fashion, culture and current affairs. I was a little taken aback by the lead article mind you...'How to learn the art of living in the now.' I'd like to think I could probably manage that by myself, but apparently we spend 7 hours of our DAY online in some way or another, and as such, miss the world going past. Food for thought!

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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so pretty. love the scarf! x hivennn

Anonymous said...

That jacket is lush! loving the scarf too!

ive given you a brief mention on my blog today, due to revealing the secrets of picnik!


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