What a day....

Today was my day off, and transpired to be 'one of those days' where every little thing seems to go wrong. It began harmlessly enough, with a nice long lie in, but as soon as Adrian and I decided we would go into town, things seemed to conspire against us me to throw the preverbial spanner firmly in amongst my fashion works. First up-accidentally caught my foot on the corner of the sofa and neatly removed two studs from a pair of BRAND NEW studded ballet flats. Virgin shoes, unused to the rough touch of the pavement beneath them, now forever deformed by a vagrant strike from the hulk of a black leather couch. ugh. Adrian managed to fix them after I kicked them off in a fury-with some superglue-but I was so extremely irritated that my mood was invariably soured. It curdled still further when, walking to the bus stop, I managed to rip the hem of my very favourite silk blouse and then, whether simultaneously or not, who can tell, lose my very favourite 'tail' bag charm, which I only discovered when I noticed the keyring chain flapping lonely and aloft in the cold breeze (March!? PAH!) minus it's very furry friend.
We got the bus into the city, which I usually hate to do, since I have only ridden the bus about 3 times in my life. But living in the city it's much easier to get around this way than by car, and cheaper, so a bus ride is normally in order. My favourite thing to do is watch people and places out of the bus window. Today's highlight: A very aptly named halal meat stockists: Pak Butchers. Love it.

I have re-discovered this leather jacket which was a staple of my wardrobe last summer and then it was unceremoniously replaced by my ASOS shearling number. It's quite handy to wear in the transitional period between winter and spring, though I was so cold today I should have probably worn the shearling one instead!

These trousers were a blimmin barry bargain, I know I always say this about things I buy but these were top of the pops...I got them from...wait for it...Sainsburys, which, in my opinion, do the best Supermarket clothing range. They were half price in the sale, then had 25% off, which made them a measly £6, and then because I have been a studious shopper and invested in a Nectar card, I paid for most of them with my points (you can only spend your points in £2.50 increments for some reason.) In sum, they cost me a quid. Can't be bad!

The silk blouse is Quiksilver Women again and is literally falling apart, I have worn it that much. I am going to have to try and repair it for the millionth time, but it's worth it-it's so comfy and soooo beautiful!

I can't do bed hair...it just doesn't seem to look any good on me! I tried today because I used a salt spray in my hair and I wanted to play with a more beachy look. Also it is in total need of a cut and wearing it messy hides my split ends!

I dug out a load of old jewellery I had as well. I am still hunting for feathers to create a nice necklace with-I saw some in H&M today but they're £6 and you only get one tatty old feather on a bit of string and I'm going to make something like that for approx zero pence. So old stuff was the order of the day! The agate necklace is one of my faves, I had another gorgeous green piece too on another chain but it fell off the chain and smashed....gutted. The nameplate necklace is one I've had for years and the horseshoe is by Dogeared and I wear that a lot too.

Trousers: Sainsburys Blouse: Quiksilver Women Shoes: ASOS Agate necklace, blue stone rings, nameplate necklace: Vintage Gold and Blue ring: My-Wardrobe.com Leather Jacket: Topshop Satchel: Vintage Chanel Bag Tail....now lost! But replaced (in white) by H&M.

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Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Ohh I'm sorry you've had such a bad day :( you still looked nice though and it can only get better! At least you managed to fix the new shoes! I didn't that Sainsbury's did clothing :O the nearest one by me is quite small and the rest of Liverpool is covered in Asda and Tesco! And I was going to say that your hair looks really nice before I even got to you talking about it! Whether you intended it to look like that or not, I think it looks lovely x

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