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Wowee! 2 outdoorsy shoots in the last 2 days! I much prefer the look of pictures taken outside, they are so much crisper! I always feel so covert loitering around outside our building with a camera! I have to get Adrian to take the pics, I'm lucky I have him, I'd feel like a right wally with my tripod!

I am wearing these chino's to death at the moment, despite Adrian calling me 'baggy britches' since they are too big, I love them! They are the perfect transitional trouser shape and I adore that they're navy, not black. It somehow feels so much less wintry!

I like mixing prints too. This shell top is spotted in a kind of Pollock-paint-splatter way and I didn't know if it would work with leopard print, but I think it does! I like it very much. I am waiting to hunt down some big flight feathers to add to a chain necklace I've got; I've got my mum on the case looking out for any discarded ones when she goes running as I am keen to make some feathered jewellery; they're everywhere at the moment but I am a bit skint so DIY is the way forward. I'll do a post on it when I find some! In the meanwhile this silver feather necklace that Adrian gave me is just perfect, I think it's gorgeous.

Jacket: River Island Necklace: Gift from Adrian Jewellery, Watch: Vintage Shell top, Chino's: Gap Shoes: Staccato

These shoes are about the most comfortable ones I've ever owned. I bought them from Staccato, they were about £50 but they were the best money I've ever spent. They also came in black and I really regret not getting them too. I love the fact that the colour goes with everything and the little bit of snakeprint makes them a little edgy.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the jacket!!


Vix said...

You are so pretty! I can see you properly now you're outside. I've been trying to make a feather head dress from feathers I've found lying aroud the garden but Jon keeps snaffling them to play with the cats. xxx

Unknown said...

Love the look. That cardgian xx

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