The great outdoors....

I had the day off today so I managed to force persuade Adrian to come and take some photo's for me outside. It was raining, I had the only brolly...he is a good, good man.

Shooting outside makes such a massive difference to the quality of my photo's. I love it. I think the natural light just can't be replicated indoors. I didn't have to do any adjusting of the exposure on the finished shots, which I normally always have to on the photo's I take inside.
A few of you have asked what I use to edit my photo's. I use a really good website called Picnik which is free and you can do all manner of cool things on it. Check it out if you fancy playing around with the look of your pics! I find it just adds a bit of difference and I like the vintage feel some of the features lend to my pics.

I didn't realise but I can see in these pics that my brolly is a bit bent! I think it is because I shut it in the car door-I always manage to do this with umbrellas somehow. Either that or they blow inside out. I've seen a few really nice designer ones, but I wonder what a false economy buying one would be-fine to pose with, but a gust of wind the wrong way equals an expensive mistake.

I am wearing a lot of vintage today. I've recently re-discovered my love for vintage and I think when I'm not having to wear uniform for work, I cram as much in as I can to my daily outfit. Today that included jewellery, headscarf, coat, cardigan and blouse :)

Coat, Cardigan, Blouse, Headscarf, Jewellery: Vintage Trousers: Topshop Boots: Jones Bootmaker

I've finally got with the times and set up a Facebook page for my blog, there should be a little 'like' button at the top there which you can click should you feel so inclined! It was soooo hard to do, I kept putting the wrong thing in the wrong place, and I couldn't seem to edit it properly, nightmare! They should make these things simpler for technophobes like me!

Adrain totes treated me today; he bought me a twirl (YUM!) and also this supercute Yogi bear heart badge which was one of those Charity badges that you put a pound in a box and help yourself. The charity is the Variety Club which I didn't realise until after I picked up the badge, but it's funny because the Variety Club was a charity that my late grandmother used to champion and so it felt nice to know that I was helping in a small way too. Plus the badge is so cute!!

Hope you've all had a lovely day. I am looking forward to watching the new show 'The Model Agency' later-looks amazing!
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Life At Victoria House said...

I was literally just about to ask what you use to edit your picture :) So glad that you had told us all! Going to try it now :) <3

Jennifer Dawn said...

Such an amazing umbrella!!! This is a great look! Love all the vintage.

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