Mixing it all up...

I have decided to make a New Year's Fashion Resolution this year which is the following: To wear more dresses! I love dresses and skirts and used to wear them a lot but I love trousers (as you guys know) and tend to favour them over dresses so I am going to try and change that in 2011!

This is a Whistles bodycon dress that I bought in the summer sale. I love the colour of it, it's a kind of midnight blue which looks as good with black tights and boots in the winter as it does with tan leather flats in the summer.

It was back to work for me today and I did a huge shift which was extremely busy from the word go. I like the buzz of the sales and it's so nice to see people happily bagging their bargains. I don't love clearing up the mess afterwards though!
The Next on our high street opened up at 5am this morning, but I didn't bother to go and look-I was far too warm in bed! Also I was woken up at 3.45am and 4.48am by people partying outside so I was trying to get as much sleep as I possibly could squeeze in! 

Coat: Primark Dress: Whistles Boots: Present from Adrian Necklace/Jewellery: Vintage

Adrian and I are moving house soon and I am going to use this as an excuse to be ruthless with my wardrobe and edit it even further. I have so many clothes I can't see half of what I have so I am going to charity shop a lot of it I think!
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Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

awwww you're so adorable! i love your poses and the dresses!

you're so right about dresses. the best part of it is that it's so easy to just wear them. hahaha... you don't really have to mix and match as much!

Rebecca said...

I love your coat x


Sally said...

Great look, especially the animal print! I need to start wearing more skirts & dresses as well.

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