Feeling Thrifty.....

So, I mentioned the other day that I didn't have much of my wardrobe with me whilst I've been living at Adrian's house. However I was able to rectify this last week when I had a little time to do a spot of Charity shopping...yay! It's one of my favourite pasttimes and sometimes I get lucky! I found this gorgeous blouse (above) in the local RSPCA shop and it was £2, I love the shape and the colour is not something I would usually go for but I am going to give it a go for spring with camel and nude shades. I think it looks quite 'Topshop' so I am pleased I found it!

I also picked up this cocoon coat for about a fiver, I like the egg-shaped style of it! It's quite chunky and oversized with bracelet sleeves and will look nice with skinny pants and heels I think.

I found this gorgeous silk batwing top in the Air Ambulance charity shop and it was £2.50, I love the colour and again I am going to wear it with nudes and neutral shades. I love the shape too and whilst I'm not sold on the embroidery (what is it!? can anyone tell? A bird? A feather?!) I still love the shape and can always pin a brooch over it I guess. I am going to wear this in a French chic way with slim chino's and ballet flats. I got the Sex and the City 2 book for Christmas from Adrian, and I must admit it has really inspired me, I was feeling a little flat with my fashion (I think we all get like that sometimes) but looking at outfits that are very different to what I normally wear has given me some fresh ideas for how I want to take my styling through into spring. I used to be so inspired by Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw was (and in many ways still is!) my stylish touchstone. I think I have widened my inspiration focus now and I often use you stylish lot as my inspiration, I love spending a day surfing through fashion blogs for ideas, as well as my thrifting which always throws up excellent outfit creations! What inspires you guys?
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abby | ybba said...

cute shirts!

Alexandra said...

I know i always say this but I NEED TO GO THRIFTING WITH YOU. You always pick up amazing finds im so jelous!!!!

Style of a Fashionista said...

Wow hun you did well some amazing pieces really love the coat fab shape and I am not sure what that is meant to be on the top but it still looks gorge.

I need to check out the Sex and the City 2 book sounds good what a great pressie xoxo

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