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Argh! I am really behind on my outfit posts because I have been busy doing lots of other little things for various people and shouting about all sorts of various things here on my blog. But I have been taking photo's and I intend to share them!
My looks are really tame at the moment because I only have access to about 5% of my wardrobe. Let me explain. I have been pretty much living at Adrians for the past 2 weeks because the snow is still terrible where I live, and I can't get home in my little car because our rural roads haven't been gritted. So I have been rotating the small selection of clothes I had kept in Adrians wardrobe, highlighted with a few pieces of work uniform and a sprinkling of items I managed to thrift on my days off (he lives in a large town so there are rich pickings.) So with this in mind, I must apologise for the state of the looks, but I have to make do with what I have got! I was very lucky for Christmas and got some Topshop vouchers from Adrians parents so I shall be treating myself to something new in the sales I think :D
I have had a little look online today and although I am trying to save money I have been tempted by a few pieces especially from my favourite stores, Whistles, Topshop and Zara. There is nothing I am desperate for however so I am going to hang out for a couple of weeks until they are further reduced! Not because I am a tightwad...I just work in retail so I know how Sales work and I always kick myself when I have bought things in the past and then a week later they are about £10. If there was something I was desperate for I would buy it regardless, but since there isn't I am happy to wait and see what bargains I can get.
I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve (see, I'm a little behind!)

Blazer: River Island, Lace Top, Peg Trousers: Topshop, Belt: Zara, Shoes: Primark.

I love this blazer and I wear it  lot! It was a sale bargain and a good one at that!

I have to thank Adrian for taking the photo's!
I managed to get home briefly today to see my mum, dad and brothers. Dad has a 4x4 car so was able to drive to the main road and pick me up, theres no way I could have driven all the way home. It was lovely to spend a bit of time with them and I had a wonderful day, just like I did yesterday! It's been a brilliant Christmas and I hope you've had a fab one too!
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Paint it Black said...

Gorge outfit love the blazer. I am not sure if I will get anything in the sales everything I like is not in. Glad you had a fab Christmas and managed to get home xoxo

iUnderEye said...

you dont even need to worry that you have 5% of your wardrobe, you still look gorgeous, I am loving the pockets and print on that jacket. I hope you and Adrian had a fab Christmas x



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