I have recently noticed a trend for shredding amongst my favourite fashion bloggers. I love a micro trend and when I saw a few of my most revered fashionistas rocking the shredding, I thought I would try it too. I remembered I had this amazing shredded cardigan which I bought from Quiksilver so I thought I would wear it for a change. Unfortch I am not patient enough to shred my own garments, though I should stop being so lazy and try.

Speaking of lazy I am sorry I have been so crap with my blog updates-I don't know what's happening other than I have a very hectic social life (haha!) The boy and I were going to go out for dinner last night but we got to our fave establishment for a curry only to find they had run out. Right, call me silly, but if you are putting on a curry night, you would think it would be wise to ensure you have enough curry so that you hadn't run out by 7.30pm, no? Dweebs.

I am going to try and squeeze in a couple more posts before Monday which is when the boy and I are going on holiday, whoopee! We are off to Paris, how exciting, I am so looking forward to it. Then it will be back in time for the Boy's birthday (Yay!) and then into work for the rest of December-Christmas in retail is always bananas and I think this year will be no exception!

It has not escaped my attention as well that Valentino for Gap and Lanvin for H&M launches are fast approaching-again I wanted to post about this, so maybe I will try later. I will be in France for the Lanvin launch, does anyone know whether the launch is international or just for the UK? I refuse to buy pieces from eBay, it really cracks me up when people buy it all up fast and then sell it on to people who missed the launch. But we'll see! I haven't seen anything I desperately want, I think the Valentino/Gap collab is actually more 'me' but I am certainly game for having a look!

Thankyou all for all your lovely comments especially regarding my new header picture. I thought it was time for a change and despite seemingly only being able to get the picture to sit left of centre on the page, I am quite happy with it. I have another technological question for you guys-who here is on hypeed? It is like a social fashion magazine where you can share your looks and inspirations and enter competitions. I used to have the little pink heart icons by each of my images which could then be clicked on by viewers to add to their own hypeed inspiration books if they so chose. But the hearts have suddenly vanished and even though I have followed the instructions to add them to my blog, they are still not forthcoming! Help!!

Have you guys also entered my competition to win a pair of MaxMara shades? If you haven't you can do so here. All you need to do is leave me a comment on the competition post and also be a follower of my blog and on twitter, just tweet me to let me know you have entered. Then I will be drawing the winner on December 1st and I will let the lucky winner know! The glasses are pretty much unisex and very Lady GaGa so this is a contest not to be missed!

Cardigan: QSW Harems: Topshop Shoes: Primark Shirt: All Saints Faux Fur Turban (worn as neck warmer) Primark

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Paint it Black said...

I love a bit of shreading lol I find it relaxing I take it with me to work and do it on my lunch break and on the bus.

Love the cardigan looks great on you, you should give shreading a try.

You must be excited about moving house xoxo

Spencer. said...

Cute cardigan m'dear ;)
I wanted to try shredding but I'm too nervous cuz I'd probably mess it up and make it look cheap rather than chic, lol.

Sally said...

What a great cardigan!

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