Brilliant Brogues...

Now, as my followers will attest, I love a good flattie. A heel is always, always in order, but there is something so powerful about a decent flat-not only can you run for the bus in them with ease, but they also lend an edgy sense of androgyny to any outfit-wear them with a flirty dress and instantly the cuteness factor is removed, harem trousers lose their urban edge and become city slick with the right shoe.
So when the lovely Leon from the Bertie press office let slip about these incredible, Limited Edition brogues that the company were preparing to launch, I knew I had to share them with you.

They are, quite simply, a classic. A Brogue is Vogue, as I like to say, and these two are no exception. The best thing about them is that they will just become more appealing as they are worn in, so you know they will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. They are made from Bertie's high quality leather and feature leather soles which are hand tooled with a stamp of authenticity-it's all in the little details! They also have pretty handcrafted floral motifs on them and adorable lace up fronts. In all, what's not to like? They will cost £110 and are available exclusively from Bertie Flagship stores in Covent Garden and their new South Molton Street store. Each shoe is named from the store it will be sold in-my favourite is the classic Tan 'South Molton' pair-(how on trend would they look with black tights, leather shorts and a camel cardigan?!)

They will be launched exclusively in December so we don't have too long to wait! These shoes will be your ultimate 'morning after' footwear; slip your tired partied-out feet out of your stilleto's and into these little beauties for an instant pep-up, which, let's face it, are way more credible than slippers, but just as comfy!

If you would like to find out more about Bertie shoes or shop their online styles then click here.

What do you all think of Brogues? will you be excited to get your hands on these beauties?
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Emma x said...

Thank you for your lovely comment hun. I love brogues but i'm never sure if they suit me or not.... xxx

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

I bet you can rock brogues. I can't though. I"m so concious with the shoes i wear. i feel like my shoes has to compliment my fat legs lol.

anyway, i see girls that wear them and i get so jeaous!! lol.

ps. i like your new header!!! ^__^ your wall is so awesome!

Sally said...

What great shoes!

Anonymous said...

They are brilliant - I need a trip to london soon. Love your new header too! x

Anonymous said...

I love brogues!!! And these ones are just adorable!!


Rosie Savage said...

'a brogue is vogue' - love it, so true :)

Rosie x

Unknown said...

excellent post! love your blog, and I agree, flats are pricessless!


becca said...

holy heavens, what a PERFECT shoe.
thank you for spreading the news!

Unknown said...

ah love this thanks for sharing xxx

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