Minibars and Eurostars....

Right, I have managed to swipe the Boy's Mac attack for the evening while he is off making noise with his band (see here) and in this vein I will be bashing your eyes with more phone pics from our holiday! Sorry, I just took loads on my phone and I thought I'd share them! First up is a yummy hot chocolate, an essential for any cold pre-trip evening..we went to stay with a friend in London who very kindly lent us her sofa bed to use as our train from St Pancras was very early the following morning. She is also a graphic designer, fellow blogger (see here) and very dear and lovely friend-thankyou Chrissie x

I love this pic I sneaked of the Boy. He looks so cute :D well he was watching football so I had plenty of opportunities to sneak photos! haha!

Le Eurostar! Have you guys ever travelled on it before? It was my first time and I loved it, particularly as I have a stupid fear of flying (don't know why I have that either!) It was so easy and took 2 hours or thereabouts (there's a time change in France.)

Me! Just messing around in the hotel room!

This is what I wore on the day we arrived. Knitted dress and stripy top, bonjour! The top is Topshop, the dress is Quiksilver Womens.

I just had to show you my 'nail of the week'! I wore No.7 Speed Dry nail varnish in 'blackberry' which I used 2 coats of on the Sunday before we left and it lasted the entire week with no chips-not bad going I thought!

Here is a lovely pic of a sleepy little ratbag. Bless him.x

My classic vintage cardi came with me and I wore it constantly! I managed to find another one with leather buttons and cable knit detail when I had a thrifting spree on my return, which I am sure you'll be seeing soon!

These are some of the beautiful light decorations on the Champs Elysees. It was all dressed up in it's Christmas finery! Though we did see a lot of decorations just being put up (this was on the 22nd November-Great Britain, take note! Christmas does not have to begin on 1st November!)

This is the lovely blouse I bought in the H&M on the Champs Elysees. Like I said before I had wanted to get some Lanvin, but to no avail-I couldn't justify over 100 euro's on anything! This cost me 29 euro's, and has lace insert shoulders, bracelet sleeves and is longer at the back like a shirt-tail. It is horredously crumpled in this pic, I do apologise-I'm sure it will look better when I iron it/wear it!

A carrier bag worth keeping...!

I do love a mini bar! Hmm, massive bar of chocolate, it's as if they were expecting me! the Eurostar terminal on the way home.

...not before I rinsed the duty free. Yes Dior!

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Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

Someone had fun in the hotel taking pictures {;
oh em gee! so who ate the Toblerone!? that thing is so yummy! nom nom nom :3

Alexandra said...

I really do love your blog posts!
Your by far my favourite blogger!

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