LOOK what I found!!

I did a tiny bit of thrifting yesterday morning and I couldn't believe my luck when I found some Celine pumps in this one charity shop that I never find anything in. It is a proper bric a brac store like the one in Stepford & Son, with everything you can think of just strewn about all over the place. There are clothes, shoes, accessories..and buckets, since the roof leaks. 

I spotted these a mile off as they had tissue paper stuffed in the toes and looked so out of place next to the Primark and New Look cast offs. I picked them up, thinking I would buy them no matter the size, as I had always wanted a bit of Celine. And yet, they were a 3.5! MY size, which I can NEVER find because people don't make shoes in a half size any more, so I normally have to have a tight size 3 or a loose size 4. But these fit perfectly! I couldn't believe it-what luck!

I love how the shape of them is similar to the fancy 'outdoorsy slippers' that a lot of houses have been doing-Louboutin did fab studded ones, they're normally in velvet, like men's smoking slippers, and I have been after a pair of those. Well, I don't need to look now as I have these, yay! And, only £3!! Let's be honest, this is probably the only Celine I'll ever be able to afford-well, at the moment anyway!
I also bought 2 blouses and a vintage C&A capey style tweedy coat. I've had a decent run on charity shops at the moment which is long overdue as I hadn't really dound anything since I bought my skirt and long dress at the end of the summer.

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