Back to Frosty Blighty...

Well, you can definitely tell that winter has arrived! I came back from Paris determined to get out of my trouser rut, and with this in mind I decided to wear this cute midi skirt today. What I like about it is that despite it's floaty countenance, it is quite dark in colour so doesn't look too summery. I picked it up in a charity shop for a couple of quid-in fact, most of today's outfit is vintage, except the gloves which I bought out of necessity the other day, my hands were freeeeezing!

I did wonder whether I was a bit short to wear this skirt length, but I think because I hoiked it up and tucked my cardigan in it, it isn't too drowning. It was really comfortable to wear and since I wore tights underneath it was also probably warmer than my trousers usually are!

I love this time of year, when everything is blanketed with frost. I hate snow and ice, though, as where I live at the moment is very rural and so I have a tendancy to get stuck there, which isn't as much fun as it sounds. So I am hoping the snow won't be as bad this year as it was last.  Also the Boy and I are moving soon so I would like the weather to be good for this! It can just really screw up your plans sometimes otherwise! But if it happens, it happens-there's really nothing we can do!

Hope you guys have all entered my blog giveaway. I am giving away some Maxmara sunnies, see the post below for more info and a link to how you can enter. I will post the sunnies internationally as well so if you aren't from the UK you can still enter :)

Cardigan, Skirt, Boots, Jewellery, Watch: Vintage Scarf: Vintage Burberry Belt: Vintage Dior Gloves: Primark.

Keep warm!
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Rosie Savage said...

Love this outfit, and that skirt is completely gorgeous! I know what you mean about the snow: I live in a rural part of the country too. But I actually quite like it when it means no work or a deadline extension :)

Rosie x

LAB said...

Very cute!
It's also getting really cold here unfortunately. But it's almost possible to ice-skate :)

With love, Jenny

Nikki S said...

You're lucky it hasn't started snowing where you are yet, I'm snowed in in Dublin!!
xx nikki

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