What I Did Last Night....

Firstly, apologies for the crap pics! I haven't subjected you guys to a mirror picture in agessss! But I wanted to capture my outfit and didn't have my camera or my tripod, so I had to use my good old phone and a mirror! Soz!

So, last night I ended up going to my Dance Medal Awards Presentation. It was superfun and the Boy came with me, which was lovely as he actually got to see me doing some of my ballroom and latin which he's never seen before, so I was a bit nervous to show him but he seemed to like it! So that was good. I also got all my awards and some really positive feedback from the examiner who is a very high figure in the dance world, so that was lovely. 
Because my camera screen is small, it was hard to fit the whole outfit in! So I had to make the camera a bit wonky! I wore a mix of vintage and high street, with a lot of sparkle :D After the dance awards we went on out into town and met up with some lovely friends, which was ace but it did mean quite a late night, and then I had to work today and, even though I was well aware of the changing clocks, and notwithstanding they were going back an hour, so I should have got longer in bed, I still overslept! The poor Boy was awoken by me scritching that I couldn't find my t-shirt, which he had inadvertently flung on top of a pile of other stuff, thinking it was his. Isn't oversleeping the worst? I hate rushing, I like to take my time over things and get up earlier so I can do things at a slower pace. I was shaking and completely disorganised because I had had such a hideous wake up! I did manage to get to work on time, despite leaving my much-looked-forward-to smoothie in the Boy's fridge, annoyingly I had already gone in there this morning to fetch my breakfast (half a bag of milky way magic stars-bad!) but they did make me feel better!
I also wore a headband on Saturday night which was neccessary as the weather was awful and my hair was blowing about all over the place. I was going to wear it again today but the fact that I wore it yesterday meant today my hair was pancake flat so I just put it in a kicky little bun and left it at that. Yesterday I had a bad hair day up until the point that I washed it and curled it, today it was a surprisingly good hair day, isn't it wierd how some days it just won't go right?! At work today a little girl came up to me and said, 'you're pretty,' which was really sweet and actually was the highlight of my working day-as anyone else who works in retail will surely know, usually weekends means screaming kids, or little tearaways running around pulling hands off mannequins and knocking over displays, so to get a charming compliment was actually rather sweet :D
I have another story to share actually, completely off topic but still, I think, worth a mention. Some days I start work very early, for delivery shifts or whatever, which I really like because I am so a morning person-come 4pm I could do with a cuppa and a nap usually. So the Boy's house had suffered a little teabag defecit on Friday so when I woke up I couldn't make my perfunctory morning cuppa, without which I cannot function. So I thought, as a little Friday treat, why not pop into a coffee shop on my way to work and get a nice morning beverage? I normally go to Nero's because I think their drinks just taste nicer than Costa or Starbucks, and also I have a little stamp card that you collect stamps to get free drinks on. (Mind you, I have these also for Presto, and Costa.) Anyway, it was about 7.45am, and I wasn't sure if the shop was open, but I tried the door and it opened, and there was music on, and the counter was all laid out, but no staff. I waited for a little while and presently a young chap trotted out from the back room, carrying a crate of milk, only to bark at me that they didn't open til 8. Well, I felt super embarrassed...like I had just walked into someone's house or something...so off I scooted with no drink. Just a thought, though, Mr Nero...maybe if you're not open, it would be provident to lock the door of your shop? I could have gone wild in the aisles and helped myself to drinks and danishes a-plenty...sadly I have been brought up better, so a free party in the coffee house was averted. And I left empty handed!
Blouse: Vintage Sequin Jacket: H&M Trousers:Topshop Shoes: ASOS Clutch: Next
I haven't used this Next clutch bag in ages but I really like it. It is snakeskin effect and I love how big it is. It isn't actually a clutch strictly speaking, but I customised it by cutting off the chain strap as I liked it better that way!
This is me in sketch format! I did it on my phone and was quite impressed so I thought I'd share it!
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