Happy (early) Halloween!

Based on the fact that I will now not probably be updating the blog until Sunday night, I thought I'd take the opportunity to wish you all a happy Halloween! Plus next door's cat decided to make an appearance in my outfit posts so I thought they were particularly appropriate for Halloween!
Have you guys got lots planned? I shall be attending my Dance Medal Awards on Saturday evening, to collect the trophies I'll get for passing my exams. The Boy is accompanying me (yay!) and then we are going to pop into town to catch up with a lovely friend of ours who has come back from London for the weekend. So that should be great! Then I think I shall spend Sunday night watching X Factor on my tod as the Boy and his band are playing a gig in London Town!

Cardigan, Peg Trousers: Gap Faux Fur Turban: Primark Boots: ASOS

I am going bananas over this faux fur turban that I picked up in Primark. I really wanted a turban for agesss (particularly a leather one by Karin Wester from Urban Outfitters) but I settled for this one, more for practicality reasons as I suffer from really painful inner ears when the weather is cold, and the earache I get from the wind just makes me want to howl. So at least it will keep my shell-likes toasty warm!
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Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

your coat looks so cozy :] and i like i how that black cat just came out of no where. at first i thought he was photoshoped in there. whatever you do for halloween, you should have fun! ^_^ gosh don't you wish you can go t-o-t again!? FREE CANDIES lol!

Angelica Ng said...

Ah, a lot of people have been posting Halloween posts already! You're right on track! Cute jacket!


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