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Hello! Argh, apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, I had to work late and it was all a bit hectic in the end. And now I'm trying to catch up today and for some reason Blogger is not letting me upload my photo's properly, so this haul post is a little thin on the ground, picture-style!
Well, since the picture front is on the lack, I'll have to explain what I've been finding! It's always the way-I was just wasting time before I had to go to the beauticians and I wondered into a couple of charity shops and BANG! kept finding amazing things! My new mantra is: 'Don't seek, and ye shall find' because whenever I actually go LOOKING for things, I can't find them!
Now, I'd been half heartedly thinking about buying a midi skirt for Autumn/Winter. I am SUCH a trouser girl, and have a million pairs....harem, carrot, peg, rolled, slouch, high waisted, low waisted, chino, khaki, jodhpur, skinny, wideleg...and whilst I am pleased to see that the pant IS BACK for winter, in typically 'me' fashion I thought it would be nice to ring the changes and also try out some dresses and skirts for AW. I'd seen a nice one on the Zara website, but it was £30 and fairly basic (who am I kidding-I'll end up getting it anyway.)
Whilst browsing through the first charity shop, I spotted a pair of shearling sheepskin mittens in real leather. I had been pondering a pair of these for ages, because I'd seen a few on ASOS and really liked them, but they were also all about £30. Plus I always get really cold hands in the winter. So when I soptted these for just £3.50, I knew I had to have them.

Ooh, these are the Zara skirts-top one is £30, bottom is £40. I'm not sure why the pictures have decided to plonk themselves down here, but here is where they'll stay as I am no good at this picture-placement technology.

I moved onto the next charity shop-one which smelled really badly of B.O, and one which had a leaking roof-nothing to be found in these. And then in a cute little one on the corner I found the skirt in the top picture above. It fits like picture 1 of the Zara skirts, and has a pretty little print all over it, and pockets. It is navy with a touch of red in the print (See! I am trying to wear colour!) and because the base shade is dark I think it will be really easy to wear over the winter. And it was only £3!

I thought that would be it, all done, but in the last Chazzer I ventured into, I found the dress in the top picture, which, yes, looks a little undesireable hanging on my washing line, but I've tried it on and it is AMAZING. It is a vintage piece with a knifepleat skirt, all over floral print, and a cowl front which I've had to turn into a cross over high neck, because it is a little big and I have no boobs to speak of. But the brooch the Boy gifted me holds it nicely, and, styled correctly, I think it could be really pretty. I'll show you come more pictures soon :)

I bought this and a very sweet little white shell blouse for £1 a piece, I love charity shops. Especially good when I'm broke after spending all my wages on a coat!

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fashionismyh2o said...

I love the vintage dress :) so pretty x

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