Maxxed Out...

The title of this post is so appropriate! I have spent all my money this month, roll on payday! However I am pleased to inform you that my dream coat has arrived...I'm sure you'll be seeing it soon!

I'm still playing catchup on my outfit posts and today I have been charity shop hauling so I have even more to share with you over the next couple of days. I was killing time this morning before an appointment with my beautician (to sort my eyebrows out...I have such a glamourous life...!) and it was in this frame of mind that I was wondering in and out of the towns Charity shop selection. Why is it always when you're not looking, you find the gems? I'll share them with you soon :)

I bought this Maxidress in the Topshop sale for £8. I like it because it is a) grey, a colour I like very much, b) tight fitting, especially on the leg, unlike my jersey one, and c) it was reduced but I think it is quite a transitional piece and will last through the winter. I layered it with a crop tee and a scarf to make it more autumn-approproate.

Tee: DIY H&M, Scarf: Primark, Dress: Topshop, Boots: ASOS, Jewellery/Watch: Vintage.
As I have already mentioned, my dream coat has now arrived and very dreamy it is too! I was a little scared to wear it to begin with but now I'm not going to worry about it and just go for it. Although the weather has warmed up again, and I've found it too hot! Typical!
Hope you've all had a good day! I am just waiting for my eBay items to end, so that I can use the money from them to start paying off my coat!
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Rebecca said...

Great outfit I love the top :) xx

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