Putting the Boot in....

I have the day off today so I have been able to catch up with a few things, including sleep for starters haha! I have been wanting to try the 'bare legs and boots' look for a while now so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I had a fake tan disaster whereby I tanned one leg meticulously and then realised I had run out of tan spray...great! However all was not lost, I just exfoliated the tanned leg and had to be pasty! I hope it doesn't look too bad! Who can recommend a good fake tan? I was using the spray one by L'oreal but I don't like the smell. It does give quite good colour though.
I am still playing around with the editing on my photo's. I like the lighter ones better I think. I used a couple of effects layered together on the photo below but I think it is too dark.
I have had requests from a few readers that I should try and make my photo's more close-up, so that my outfits can be seen in greater detail. Truth be told I have no idea how to do this, which sounds ridiculous but in order to get my whole outfit in the picture, I have to stand quite far away, or my head/feet get cut off! Can anyone give me any advice? The sort of pictures I would love to achieve are like the ones my lovely friend Giselle at Style Of A Fashionista produces, but I just don't know how!
Cardigan, Dress: Gap Belt: Vintage Socks: H&M Boots: ASOS
Hope you all have a lovely day
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Nav said...

LOVE those boots!



Chanel said...

Love you blog banner!!! Great pics!


yishyene said...

I prefer the lighter pics as well ;)


Maria said...

ASOS = love :) Those boots are amazing!

Courtney said...

Cute outfit and cute blog!
I think you should try to get more close up photos of your outfit too. Just play around with it and try to get closer to the camera. Or just crop the photo if you need to. That's the only advice I know to give.

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