Putting the Boot in....

I have the day off today so I have been able to catch up with a few things, including sleep for starters haha! I have been wanting to try the 'bare legs and boots' look for a while now so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I had a fake tan disaster whereby I tanned one leg meticulously and then realised I had run out of tan spray...great! However all was not lost, I just exfoliated the tanned leg and had to be pasty! I hope it doesn't look too bad! Who can recommend a good fake tan? I was using the spray one by L'oreal but I don't like the smell. It does give quite good colour though.
I am still playing around with the editing on my photo's. I like the lighter ones better I think. I used a couple of effects layered together on the photo below but I think it is too dark.
I have had requests from a few readers that I should try and make my photo's more close-up, so that my outfits can be seen in greater detail. Truth be told I have no idea how to do this, which sounds ridiculous but in order to get my whole outfit in the picture, I have to stand quite far away, or my head/feet get cut off! Can anyone give me any advice? The sort of pictures I would love to achieve are like the ones my lovely friend Giselle at Style Of A Fashionista produces, but I just don't know how!
Cardigan, Dress: Gap Belt: Vintage Socks: H&M Boots: ASOS
Hope you all have a lovely day
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