Another Late Post!

I did say I wouldn't post today as I have a dance class which means I don't get home until 11, it is now 12.35am and still I'm wide awake (in my pj's at least!) I have this horrid cough at the moment which doesn't seem to really happen during the day at then at night I just can't stop, The Boy has been calling me coughdrop for the last few days and it's true, as soon as it gets dark it seems I'm spluttering all over the place!

-Quick update on my KG shoe sitch-I think (fingers crossed) it's now been sorted and they're sending me replacements, which I can't wait to show you!

-Also I have another shopping confession to make, thanks to Waveney over at Your Fitting Room, she posted a picture of herself in a gorgeous floral mid-length Zara dress, which I instantly fell in love with, I don't have a local Zara but of course, they are now online!! So  I had to order it, naturally! Check them out here (and Waveneys blog, too-it's divine!) I shall be showing you more dress pics and also a website review as well when the product comes :)

Right, actually am off to bed now!

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