Vintage Cape....

Yikes! I have a supremely low netbook battery which may conk out at any time! As such, apologies for any spelling mistakes! I'm rushing!  
This is my fave brooch, it is a US Navy sweetheart brooch that the boy gave me :)
I bagged this beautiful vintage cape from a vintage shop on my birthday. It was smelly and a little moth eaten, but only cost a fiver, so I brought it back to life with a little TLC. I love it!
Can't get enough of these Zara leopard print loafers....
Cape, Blouse, Ring, Watch: Vintage, Harems: Topshop, Loafers: Zara
I am loving the weather at the moment, I hope we're in for an indian summer!
Will write more tomorrow-am terrified of losing all I've done so far, so tata for now!
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