Please excuse my rank looking hands, I need handcream right? Stat!
I have just spent a little while sorting through my bathroom cabinet and I found two gorgeous Rimmel nail varnishes, so I thought I'd do my nails :) 

The colours I used were Tangerine Queen and Coralicious, I used the Tangerine as the basecoat and then French tipped using the Coralicious. A look which reminds me of Fruit Salad sweets....yum! I know it is a bit 'summery' for autumn, but I wear a lot of muted colours so sometimes I like my nails to 'pop'. What do you guys think?
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Becci said...

Ooooooo it's a lovely colour.
I want it.

Abi said...

These is such a fun colour! I love vibrant colours on nails, especially when it's completely unexpected. Love it!

Rebecca Maureen said...

I LOVE orange nails, this is so nice!

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