Little Pointy Shoes and One Big Old Cardigan....

I have to apologise for the lack of detail in my posts of excuses really, but my excuse is as follows  to be honest I have been soooo busy at work, and today was my first day off since last Tuesday! So as you can imagine I haven't had all that much time to blog! Plus I have been pushing my Lookbook and Chictopia pages too to encourage some more followers. AND have been busy writing guest posts and interviews for the lovely Milana over at FashionStyleAdvice, which is no hardship at all (I loved every second-thanks Milana! xx) but clearly a consumer of my time!

Cardigan, Watch, Satchel, Necklace: Vintage, Top: H&M, Trousers: Gap, Shoes: Calvin Klein.

Plus now Blogger has changed it's posting layouts, these things are sent to try me I swear! I mean, I'm loving the new layout and it is easier to post, but I can't get my head round some of the changes, for example the image uploader is really different! But it's all good I am sure even a technophobe like me can figure these things out!

So today I spent my day off in the following ways: 1. Having a lie-in (the first in about 2 months, or so it seems) 2. Sitting drinking tea in the sun with the Mumzy, it was her birthday on Sunday so we had a little catch up, she has just come back from a camping holiday to France and is as brown as a nut whilst I am starch white and now it's heading into Autumn so unless I reach for the fake tan, that's the shade I'll stay. Basically for her birthday I am treating her to having her hair done so we were discussing how we're going to sort that out. It's done now and she's looking forward to her new 'do, bless her. 3. Then I had to do essential boring things in town, think Bank, Post Office, Yawn. But this did give me the perfect excuse to raid the local Chazzers-more on this later. Then I fed my shoe addiction for like the 5th time this month, how bad-again, more on this later on.

My outfit once again features that bloody cardigan which began life as an itchy grannyish bit of get up but has transgressed into the most essential piece I own, masquerading, as it does, as a cape/cardigan/coatigan/throwover/poncho/Jim'll fix it of a piece. And all for a few measly quids from the Charity shop, LIKE!
The shoes are Calvin Klein which I bought in TK Maxx for £22.
Also making another guest appearance is the Charity shop Chanel, (can you tell I like vintage?) but this had been a little forgotten about (I know, right? HOW?) and so now I've re-discovered it I am using it allllll the time....who else does this? It surely can't just be me!

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