I never ever do food posts, because I can't cook. But the other day I made something for lunch and I was quite proud of it, and it was YUM, so I thought I'd share it! It's quite healthy too!
I'm vegetarian, and although I like pasta it can get a little boring after a while. When my mum returned from visiting my brother who lives in France, she bought back this pasta/rice hybrid they have over there called Ebly, I'm not sure if you can get it over here, it looks like little grains or rice crispies and you cook it up like you would rice. May be worth looking in the supermarket for! Alternatively, I think this dish would work with brown rice instead.
So I basically cooked up a batch of ebly in boiling water. Whilst it was brewing I chopped up 2 big tomatoes (from the greenhouse, YUM!) and a small whole avocado. I love veggies and fruit and this is a good way to incorporate them into your daily diest, just chucking a few bits into a lunch dish can really up your daily intake.
I drained the ebly and stirred in a good squeeze of salad cream, then added the chopped tomato and avocado, and a little salt and a lot of pepper to taste. Then I folded it all together and grated a little cheese on top. Yum!
This is a really nice autumnal lunch because you get the fresh flavours of the avocado and the tomato but the ebly or rice is warm so it is quite comforting and filling. Also pulses like these are slow release so you can go all afternoon without having to snack which is always a bonus!
I know it looks like a bowl of sick, but it did taste really nice!!
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Bigio said...

mmmmmm, seems good! :D
Nice blog here!

thriftshop said...

I've seen ebly in asda so if you have a search round the bigger supermarkets i'm sure you'll find it xxx

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