LFW Review: Todd Lynn

I came a cropper a little bit with the Todd Lynn show as my LFW livestream took a nosedive about 5 minutes before the show was scheduled to begin. Luckily the lovely peeps over at the stream noticed my dilemma and set me up with another link to watch the show, which worked but was really low quality so the images were quite pixellated. However, I got the idea!
I looked back at my notes that I made watching the show and the first thing I have written is 'WHITE'. I know white is always a perrenial favourite for cruise/SS lines but honestly I don't think I've ever seen quite as much before-and it is used in a very 'sci-fi' and fantasy way, far removed from the usual 'nautical' and 'minimal' overtones. This was also evident over at Nicole Farhi, as reported by the lovely Giselle from StyleofaFashionista.
The collection was a hotchpotch of futurism, referenced by the useage of statement sleeves, tonal footwear, white and metallic fabrics, and, classic Lynn, the sharp and androgynous tailoring which has become synonymous with his brand. As the models walked the runway, so outfits deepend in colour, from white through silver to greys and blacks. Towards the end of the show I especially liked a dress made to look like a tuxedo jacket, ful of lapels and unexpected shapes. I noted also leather panneling in fabrics and great use of texture which leads me to believe that leather as a fabric is gaining more and more infamy in the fashion world-it is great to see it being used in new ways.
Boys weren't neglected over at TL either-oh no. The first male models strode out in tailored super suit jackets and shorts, an unlikely pairing but one that seemed to work and reflected the relaxed suiting look that now feels so right again. Cuts were slim and flattering, shoes for both genders were either tonal or fierce, and the complete abundance of red soles, on heels as well as the kicky hi-top trainer boots, suggested that Loboutin was a perfect pairing to Mr Lynn's collection.
Who else caught Todd Lynn? What did you think?
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