Finding The One...

...ha, not like that, I've already found him :D
I am talking about...winter coats. I've been on the lookout for a decent winter coat since June, but now they're really starting to flood into stores I've spent the last week or so poring over various options, those being: Aviator, Cape, Camel. Now, I know everyone is going loop da loop over Burberry's LFW show, and enthusiastically studding last summer's biker jacket with wild abandon. But somehow, that's just not quite me. I have, however, found a coat that IS. So much so, I've set is as my internet homepage...sad much? All I will say at this stage is that it is a) from ASOS, b) the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, clothing wise, and c) completely and utterly out of my price range, but I will have to buy it, which leads me on to the point I was meaning to make at the start of this post, as to why it is so late, the reason being, I have been listing most of my wardrobe on eBay to make funds to buy my dream coat. Also, anyone got any ASOS discount codes handy?

What's the most you've ever spent on an article of clothing? I'm serious, this coat is almost as expensive as the holiday I've just booked for me and the boy (to Paris, in November-hence, the coat would be soooo useful. And wonderful.)

I suppose I should get back to my post really, instead of harping on like a coat obsessive. I can't help it'll understand when you see it... ;)
I am wearing my lovely Ghost trousers in this outfit which I absolutely adore, aside from the fact that they are about a foot too long and I have to enthusiastically roll them up to avoid tripping over them, even in heels. I have had this jacket for ages but sometimes I just feel like smartening things up...not that I even wear jeans or relaxed clothing that much but sometimes a jacket can really pull a look together.

Jacket: River Island, Top: All Saints Trousers: Ghost, Belt: Dior, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Watch, Ring: Vintage, Shoes: Topshop, Scarf: Primark (but I like it 'cos it looks v.v.much like a LV one I lusted over last year...couldn't justify the cost of it for a scarf, mind. A coat is another matter....!)
I am blogging in my pajamas as the rain hammers down outside. Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, which means summer is well and truly over...before we know it, the clocks will be changing. I wish for plenty of cold, crisp, sunny days, with no snow please-a week trapped at home earlier this year was too much to bear. I suppose I can cope with a sprinkle of snow at Christmas as long as it doesn't settle....!
Until tomorrow lovelies!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Amie
I just found your blog and love your outfit, especially those trousers!! Just go for it with the asos coat, a coat is the item you wear everyday anyway so with a cost per wear calculation, it is completely justifiable, thats what I tell myself anyway and asos are doing student discount now so if you know someone who can give you their nus number its 10% off :)

Unknown said...

This outfit is too cute!Love it!

Paint it Black said...

Good luck with your ebay listings and I hope to see this amazing coat on you very soon. You should link to to ebay listings you have so many gorgeous clothes maybe something we would like bid on xoxo

amie k said...

Hi Girlies!
Hannah-I know, right? A coat is a completely justifiable purchase-I'll probably be wering it for the next 6 months! Love the title of your blog, I'm going to check it out!
Hope-Thankyou sweetheart. How are you getting on in the Forever 21 competition?
Giselle-Thankyou huni! I can give you a link if you'd like to have a look at my things! xxxx

Paola Aldrovandi said...

Nice photos and outfit!
I hope to see you on my blog, I'll came back very soon! :) I follow you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aime! I just added your blog after I met your lovely parents and they mentioned that you were interested in fashion. I met them while on holiday with my boyfriend and his mum, apparently your mum was his mums bridesmaid (all a long tedious link I know but I thought I should explain). Anyway, the trousers are lush and the tan belt looks really good against the blue. As for the jacket, I guess it depends how cheap your holiday was!
If you get a moment please check out my blog ( no worries if not. From Emma x

Fourth Daughter said...

Most expensive thing in my wardrobe?? I think it's the boots I just bought for $275 (AUD), but I only paid $10 because the rest of the money was from a voucher my friends gave me :)
Meanwhile the CHEAPEST thing in my wardrobe was more like $1...

The Wonder Of ... said...

Lush outfit and lush blog also :) xxxx

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