Kickin in ma Jimmy's (Or should that be...Scuffin'?)

You can imagine my surprise when this dropped into my inbox.

Maybe I have been living under a rock, but I had no idea that Jimmy Choo, yes, Jimmy Choo, were planning to produce a collaborative line with UGG.

It just seems a complete counterpoint. I associate JC with everything that is the complete antithesis of UGG-I would never look at a Jimmy Choo and think, 'my, they look comfy.' Perhaps that's why they're doing this project, as a bit of a point of difference!

Don't get me wrong, I love a good old fash-up. Maybe since I'm not the biggest fan of UGG boots (I love them around the house, with my pajamas, etc. But I can't bring myself to wear them outside, I don't know why. Maybe it's a little snobby, but as soon as the temperature drops, EVERYBODY has them. And now the copies are so good, you can never tell who's spent £150 on their pair, and who's spent £15.)

Mind you, not much of a chance of clocking anyone wearing the collab-boots. They're pretty special, spectacular even, since they're studded, gemmed, tasseled and decorated to within an inch of their lives. I imagine the price is a reflection of the UGG quality plus the JC craftsmanship-I can't tell you that yet as so far I am only able to put my name on their waiting list.

Decide for yourselves, ladies and gents! Would you buy the Jimmy Choo/UGG collaboration boots? And if so, why? Because they're UGGs? Or because they're special Jimmy Choo UGGs?

If you want to have a closer look, click here.

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Beautiful Things said...

uggs and marc jacobs......i'm not too sure on that x

Unknown said...

noo... do not like. :/


Sally said...

Noticed you're a new follower, thanks so much lady! You've got a great blog.


Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

nice blog (: I really like it!

wanna follow each other!?

Bella said...

ohh thanks for follow and the shoes of this picture are soooooo hot

i follow you too then youre blog is so greate

lots of love Bella ♥

julia louise said...

I like it :-)

Maria said...

I like UGGs purely for their utility - when Prague turns to ice and I need something cozy that I won't slip and slide around in, they come out. Otherwise though I'm not a huge fan and the Jimmy Choo ones are reminding me of the UGGs that you could get a couple years ago with designs and art all over. Think they're a no for me.

Unknown said...

fabulous x

A.E said...

Hey, thanks you very much for your comment and your following-you're my 30th. I agree with you on the UGG boot prob, warm and comfy yes, stylish and original NO. I guess it's about finding a new way of wearing them- a JC version would definitely be a winner (forgetting the price, of course). Keep me posted. :)

Abbey said...

Oh no!!! I love Jimmy Choo...but I hate Ugg boots! I can't beleive they are doing a collaboration! I have never like ugg boots...I agree with you in the fact that they seem too much like slippers.

Great post! I love your blog.

Norwegiantage said...

so glad i found your blog, just love the title!!!


xxyy said...

I`m not really a fan of UGG boots. I dont even own a pair, but Jimmy Choo can make any pair of shoes look great lol.xx

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