2 Ways To Wear...Part 1, The Unexpected....

I have been cooing over this Gap silk dress since I bought it, but with this ridiculously transient weather (one minute-indian summer, next minute-monsoon season) I've been struggling with how I can style it. So I tried a few different ways and took a few different snaps, the first of which I shall be showcasing here.

I like the idea of mixing fabrics in unexpected ways. So I thought it would be interesting to pair this supersmart dress with a casual flannel lumberjack shirt, suede boots and socks.

Dress: Gap Boots: ASOS Socks: H&M Shirt: Primark Belt: River Island Jewellery: Vintage

Sorry there was no post yesterday! I spent the whole day working and then went to the Boy's-he was in a tailspin trying to finish an illustration project he's been commissioned to do. This was made somewhat difficult as, in the final stages, his computer keyboard went kaput so we had to make a 10pm visit to the 24 hour Tesco's. This was beneficial in one way as we had run out of tea bags so at least we were able to have a cup of tea once the keyboard was replaced and the work pinged off. (Well, I did, the Boy didn't-he doesn't like tea [!])

So yes, by the time the drama was rectified, and the tea was drunk, I was exhausted and practically fell into bed, sleeping right through until 10.40am this morning. Can you believe it! I never lie in that long! I was only woken up because my mum was ringing me as well, so we could have slept even later! I always feel that I go without sleep for ages, then one long lie in usually sorts me out. Yawn!

So after getting up and seeing the state of the filthy weather, me and the Boy stocked up on yummy food and watched a dvd (Jumanji-blast from the past but sooooo good!) and snuggled up on the sofa. Perfect afternoon :)

Hope you're all having a lovely day too-despite the weather! I would just like to say a big HI and welcome to all my new followers! Thankyou so much for taking the time to read :) I am on 96 now-hoping to reach my goal of 100 very soon!!

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fashionismyh2o said...

I Love the idea of that dress with the shirt, so unique and interesting :) looks really good! xx

Abbey said...

I love this outfit, especially the dress!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Lovely blog! :)

I absolutely ADORE this outfit! To pair the flannel with this dress is brilliant. I actually might have to copy this look this fall. It's just too fab not to!

Looking forward to the next post!

j3nhow said...

love how u layered it with the plaid shirt!!! and so true about the drastic weather change!!!

xoxo jenna

MariaKristela said...

You have lovely photos! And how you carry every outfit is just so awesome! :)

I'm a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow back. Thanks!


maggeygrace said...

Ooooh this is fabulous! I love the pattern mixing :) SO cute! And thank you for the follow! It means the world to me:)

following you lady!

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