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Following on from the Bertie Bloggers event the other week, (which I couldn't attend...sob...!) I thought I'd look a little more into the world of Bertie and his sister brand, Pied a Terre. Now, not only do both brands produce fashion-fabulous footwear at reasonable prices, they also ramp up the quality of their products to a level wayyy above what you would normally find on the high street. With so many 'fast fashion' outlets proffering the latest footwear trends at low prices, it can be easy to be fooled into thinking that the quality matches the look-unfortch, this is not always so, as I have found to my cost (to both my purse, and my feet.) However Bertie and Pied a Terre make great exception to this rule, proving that, with a bit of careful selection, you can find a perfect pair of shoes or boots, whatever the season, which will outlast and outclass the must have 'of the moment' shoe.

To wit: we have the Bertie 'Gretta'
These boots....sigh. They could possibly be everything I have ever needed in a boot. I questioned the lovely Leon at the Bertie press office for more information on these because, on sight, I was in love. I am definitely keen on a pair of over the knee (forthwith referred to as OTK for the prevention of typing-related RSI, ok?) boots for winter, as I have bought several pieces that I think they will work well with: High waisted skinny pants, leather shorts (imagine these with leather shorts and a chunky sock peeking out over the cuff...yum.) And of course, summer's maxi dresses which are begging to be worn with something a little less boho than fringe bags and glads.

The Gretta is made from suede, and is unlined to enable a snug fit on the leg. Now, I bought a pair of OTK boots last year (they were OTK OTM, [of the moment] as abovementioned and, therefore, OMG, a bad fit and a bit uncomfortable, which of course I didn't realise until I had worn them and thence, couldn't return them, and fishing them out for the purposes of this post has made me a little ashamed as they were expensive, but are covered in studs and look a little like waders, which perhaps last year was a look I was rocking, but this year, what with the 'new minimal' being so au fait and all, I would look, quite frankly, ridiculous, in my stupid too-big join the dots studs boots)

So anyway, the Gretta will definitely, definitely, totally and completely make the mark for AW10 and beyond. Classic, well fitting (there is even an elastic tab on the inside of the leg to ensure a close fit on the thigh) they also have the perfect OTM-but-still-always-a-winner heel, the wedge, ensuring comfort as well as fashion, plus I always feel that with a wedge boot there is a much lesser chance of being mistaken for a 'lady of the night' if you're going OTK-sometimes a spindly stiletto just won't work, and can give out the wrong impression-if you know what I mean.
The Gretta boots come in sizes 36-41 and cost £125, a sound investment. Check them out here.

Another go-to for highly covetable footwear has, of course, to be Pied a Terre. Meaning 'Foot to Ground' en francais, this luxe lable never fails to produce fantastic pieces. And none more so than the belle of all boots below....the Roswell.

Just behold them! What stunners. The supple suede uppers will caress your legs, fitting perfectly and keep you super warm with their leather lining. They also have a leather sole which is a feature not found in many high street footwear retailers, but one that Pied are proud to promote and one that covers every pair of shoes in their range. This tiny extra attention to quality will ensure your boots last for seasons to come. They also have the benefit of an elastic tab at the back to ensure a perfect fit, and come in sizes 36-41. I love the height of the heel on these and the fact that it is slightly thicker than your average stiletto heel, plus the slimline platform sole makes them contemporary but allows them to retain a certain classicism that means you will wear them forever.
 These come in at £225 and are also available in taupe, you can check out both colours and buy them here.

So, with these pairs in mind, I shall be putting my best (booted) foot forward and heading over to Bertie and Pied a Terre to check out all their new season boots and shoes. If these ones aren't quite what you're after, check out the Pied a Terre website or the Bertie website (who, incidentally, are both offering FREE delivery on all orders until 23rd September so...get clicking!) for many more styles and tons of inspiration. Which boots are you lusting after? And which will make your winter wardrobe complete?
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I V Y said...

cute header! these are sexy!

Anonymous said...

The greta boots are actually gorgeous - I'm now waiting until payday to get them! x

Beverley said...

ah, nothing like a good knee high boot for the winter time! just came across your blog, and i love your commentary on both of the boots! thanks for sharing both boots, will definitely be checking out both websites! (yesss free shipping) :)

Little Nell said...

Love Bertie! Always overlooked Pied a Terre a bit but will definitely give them another look after reading this!

iUnderEye said...

hey dollface, thanks for the mention, the other day that was super cool of you, and also thanks for this blog post, my boss loved it. It reads sooo well. x


Natalie Suarez said...

cool boots! they look great for winter :)

Tanya said...

Love high length boots.

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