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I follow this supercute blog called fashionchampagne, which you should definitely check out! It's run by the gorgeous Kirsty and what I love about her blog is that she's so real, she is a gorgeous girl and she shops on the high street, she comes across as really down to earth and is exactly the sort of girl I would be friends with if I met her! Some bloggers are quite intimidating, they're soooo stylish and they seem quite unreachable, almost unapproachable as they are so cool. Now that's not to say Kirsty isn't stylish or cool-far from it, she's both-but I feel like I could go up to her and say, Kirst, that top's amazing, I love it, or I want your shoes, and she'd be like, oooh, I got them from here, or there, and they cost this much....I imagine she'd be really open and great, great fun! I love her blog layout too-unpretentious, cool, easy to follow, and, again, real-she shoots photo's in her bedroom with shoes strewn about the place just like me (and every other girl!)

Anyway, at the moment she's doing a giveaway on her blog-you can see it here. I encourage you to follow her as she always writes fun and informative posts-I especially like her kitchen exploits! (Sooo nice to read about someone else who has, ahem, issues with the kitchen!) So go to, people, and read all about her!

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iUnderEye said...

Hi Amie,

I know Valentino and Gap, who knew!!thanks for the comment, sorry we won't see you at the press day, but another time i'm sure. xx Leon

Anonymous said...

i lovvveee her blog! i lost track of the blogging world for the past year being at uni, and have spent alll week trying to hunt her blog back down! :D

i love that she doesnt dress as though shes should be stomping down the runway like on some blogs, she has super cool street style!


Rosie von Waldherr said...

I totally agree! Some bloggers are so intimidating..and frankly, some of them aren't all that nice either (luckily only a few), but I agree that her blog is really cool, I read it too!

Thank you for your comment on my blog!

Have a great day!

The Austrian Rose

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