Cosy but Grrrr.....

Wow, it's late! Sorry about that....I am still learning how to use my tripod/photo editor/camera haha, I'm such a technophobe! So after work I try and crack on to make my posts decent in size and content, and uploaded at a reasonable hour, but I can't seem to do it somehow! I have to apologise in advance, there will be no post tomorrow, as I have my dance class as usual, so won't be home til 'uber late and then will be tiredddd so it's unlikely I will be up late blogging, boo! But I have Wednesday off so I shall make sure I post at a decent time!
Still off 100 followers-I now have 87. Keep em coming! hope you like what you're reading/seeing here guys! Welcome to all the newbies! And thanks for letting me vent my feelings on you!
This was today's work look-debuting the new Zara pumps which I adored and were actually quite comfortable despite (look away now, the squeamish) my bunion, which, despite being vile and disgusting, is certainly a fashion-related condition-even Victoria Beckham has one, so I suppose I am at least in good company.
My cardigan is a piece of new uniform that I just couldn't resist, I adore it, it is double breasted but since it hasn't been that cold I've been wearing it open for a different look. I like the way the mustard yellow of my blouse picks out the colours in the loafers, too. This is quite matchy-matchy for me, I don't ususally look so 'put together' but I just love how all the colours and shapes and textures worked in this look.

Cardigan, Blouse, Pants: Gap, Loafers: Zara
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Paint it Black said...

Love that cardi great pick and yes those Zara pumps are gorgeous xoxo

Eri said...


You have a great blog, I truly enjoyed!

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See you soon.

Waveney said...

Ha! I'm the same - super late poster. By the time I've caught up with all the websites I read daily its normally 10 or 11pm. Loving the blog - I wish your photos were more close up though to really see your outfit in more detail.

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