2 Ways To Wear...Part 2, The Classic...

So firstly, apologies for this late post, but I don't usually post on Tuesdays as I have a 3 hour dance class, in which incidentally I got the results for the exams I took on Friday (my biggest love, after the Boy and Fashion, is Dance)...I passed them all with Honours which was really good, and the ones that don't have grades, I just passed, so I was so pleased as you can imagine. But yes, Tuesdays, not a good day for posting really, but seeing as I had the day off today I was a) able to post earlier, and b) due to the fact that I wrote a two-part post, I thought it would be only right to continue and post the second part!

The outfit isn't all that different really but I think it shows how, with a couple of carefully selected changes, a quirky outfit can become more classic/smart if needs be. Something I neglected to mention earlier as well was how much more comfy these peep toe boots became with the addition of a sock-usually they cut my tootsies to pieces but the socks prevented this! Hot tip for all the peep-toe fans who usually suffer this fashion-tastrophy! Sock it to yourself!

You'll notice that I've been wearing my hair down a lot more of late, I haven't done this for almost a year, since my fatefully bad haircut. I don't think I was even writing this blog back then! I was traumatised I think. Luckily it is now allmost completely grown out, which has been a long process, but it is now past the stage where it kicks up on my shoulders, and actually looks quite cute if I curl it, which I've been doing when I can, I love that tousled look. Imagine Whitney Port's hair, but shorter, and that's what I'm after.

Dress, Cardigan: Gap, Boots, Socks: as before, Belt: ASOS
I also had two things through the post today...one nice, and one not so nice. The nice one was my Zara dress (review to come) and the not so nice was my car tax update....great! I always think of all the nice things I could buy with the money I have to spend on my car!!

One final thing...I have now reached 99 followers! How exciting! This is more than I ever thought I'd get-so THANKYOU! xoxo
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