The September Issue/Bloggers Book Club

Far be it for me to suggest starting a Blogger's Book Club (though there are many fantastic fashion-related reads out there...) but any stylista worth their fashion salt will know that at the beginning of August, ears prick up and we await the 'thud' on the doormat that signals but one thing...the September Issue is here. This issue of any of the Big Names in publishing (noteably Vogue, Elle, Harpers, etc) is surely the issue of the year, setting, as it does, the precedent for our wardrobes right through until next spring/summer. It's little wonder the October Issue of these magazines resembles a Sunday Supplement-everything you need to know is in the September print, and not much else matters after that.
So when it sounded like a phonebook had been dropped through my letterbox (Vogue+Elle=essential reading) I pounced on them with relish to see the looks that I will be lifting over the coming months.
And I have not been disappointed! Obviously, shearling is set to be a huge story for AW, in the sort of way that is perrenial-we get that lovely folksy 'land girl' look cropping up every few years or so, but this time she is a more polished version, perhaps the lady that owns the land rather than toils it. She is resplendent in her Burberry Aviator jacket, suptuously sheepskin lined, and she peruses her territory in sleekly chic pieces that set her apart as a lady-this is no boho resurgence. (phew.)
This leads me nicely onto the other trend that I have been championing for ages-All Woman. Gone are the flash in the pan trends, the hard to wear pieces, the statement product. Quietly ushered in is the Outfit We All Want To Wear, finally, some grown up clothes that don't make us look stuffy or old before our time, but classic, elegant and stylish with a twist. There is NOTHING boring about this look-ref. Stella and Isabel Marant-we are going for a chic look that makes us look easily elegant and a little bit Parisienne, you know, insouciant as if style is just part of our dna, no prepping required. I want some of that!
So not only did I spend a large portion of the last 2 weeks devouring and referring to the latest seasonal looks, I've also been doing a little business research in the form of the above book by Mary Portas. She is, as I'm sure you'll know, famous as the fashion-forward takes-no-prisoners retail guru who transforms struggling independant stores and businesses. And she's no fool-her book, Mary Queen of Shops, delves into the retail industry in detail, outlining everything from shop fits to sales staff and technique to what sort of shopping tribe you belong to! As someone who has worked in retail for over 10 years I found it a really interesting read, especially the 'behind the scenes' anecdotes Mary supplies, and the tips on how great businesses are so successful. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who works in retail-you'll relate! and also to anyone who simply loves to shop, there's loads in there for you, too.
Anyone else read any good books lately?
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