What A Week!

Well, as most of my lovely followers will know, I have recently started a new job. And it is SO full on! I absolutely love it but the downside of this is early starts and late nights, which has meant that not only has my blog been feeling neglected, but so has the boy! It's been really hard for me as I normally see him every day, but last week it was 4 days before we managed to get to see each other-he's working hard on lots of illustration projects too-and when we did, I was sooo tired I fell asleep almost immediately!
We did have a lovely long lie in today and I was treated to tea and crumpets in bed, how lucky am I!
On top of that the boy has discussed my impending birthday and what present I would like...I had a sneak preview of a couple of different options, and oh MY! All I can say is that, as ever, he has impeccable taste, and knows my style like no-one else!
Right, I am actually going to do some posts now to make up for the (abysmal) lack of them over the last week. Apologies lovelies!
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