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Why is it that you always run out of EVERYTHING at once?! I always seem to end up with my moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, foundation and eyeliner all coming to their ends at the same time! Which means an expensive trip to Boots and my local department store beauty counter!
I thought I'd share my latest product haul-it cost me enough!
I always use a decent moisturiser because I think it is really important to spend a little bit more to get the quality on skincare. My beauty therapist recommends I use a salon branded one as they're the best and I tend to agree with her, she uses Gerrards products which are amazing but at the moment I'm a little short on cash so couldn't afford to get the moisturiser, but I am hoping to next month. In the meantime, I use the Clinique 7 day scrub as I use a liquid foundation which can leave build-up on the skin. So the scrub removes this along with dead cells, etc, and I find it really makes my skin glow. I usually use it every other day, though it is gentle enough to use daily. In between uses of this I wash my face with the Clinique facial soap (I am a skincare type 2-if you go onto the Clinique website a therapist will talk you through a survey to discover your type. Really interesting and worthwhile!)
So buying these 2 products got me a free gift, which included a moisturiser, super Age Defence, which is a lovely product, light and non greasy, and there is enough of it to last me a month or so until I have to buy a full sized one!
Also included in the gift were an eyeshadow quad and brush, moisturising balm-gloss, black mascara, and a mini-size of the 7 day scrub (which now lives at the boy's!) It all came in a makeup bag but it was sooooo vile (what a letdown!) I purposefully didn't include it in the photo!
I also have recently added to my daily kit the Benefit It stick concealer, which is the best concealer I've ever used, really creamy and a great colour match for my skin, a No. 7 pressed powder (my last one was completely used up-I use this product daily) and a Bourgeois felt tip eyeliner. Can anyone advise me of a decent felt tip liquid eyeliner pen? The only ones I've been able to find are by 17 or Borgeouis, both are fairly reasonable (and cheap) but I get through about one a fortnight as I use them daily and they just can't keep up! Do YSL or Mac do one? And if so, can someone tell me the name of it, and where I can buy it!?!
Finally I had to get a new foundation-I am really liking this Match Perfection one by Rimmel, it gives great coverage and is actually a really good colour match for me. It is also really well priced, coming in at just under a tenner, and a bottle of the size pictured lasts me about 4 months.
So my daily makeup kit consists of: Rimmel foundation, No.7 pressed powder, Clinique or Victor Longo eyeshadow, 17 or Bourgeois eyeliner, Clinique mascara and Lancome blush. I also like a red lip now and again and Benefit do a great range of reds, or I will use a peachy tinted gloss like the Clinique one.
What key items 'make up' your daily kit?
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