Rain, don't you be falling on my Suede and Silks....

Silk Blouse, Dress: Gap Bangle: Whistles Boots: ASOS
What has happened to our summer, that is what I'd like to know. Since when should I be wearing opaques in August, huh? Ideally I would have gone bare legged with this look and spun the boots and socks combo but if there is one thing I hate almost as much as my hair frizzing, it's soggy legs. You know, when your moisturiser goes all slippery. Yuk. So after a peek out of the bedroom curtains this morning, it was a case of digging out the old tights...I usually chuck all my tights at the end of the winter season and buy fresh at the beginning of the following Autumn, as I never think tights wear that well, but I lucked out and found a pair I hadn't worn. So on they went!

My Asos Ava's took their first outing today (coated liberally with suede guard) and they got soooo many comments, I was loving it! I also managed the whole day in them, they are actually the most comfortable boots ever! In comparison my Sweeney shoe boots arrived today and I tried them out for a quick practice of a Waltz (I've got dance exams coming up!) around the kitchen-two words: OW CH. I think they'll be a case of 'breaking in gently' so I can't see them pounding the shop floor just yet!

Thankyou for all your positive remarks about my photo editing, I can't believe the difference it makes. I am going to try and keep putting outfit posts up as often as usual but obviously the editing does take a bit of time so there may be more posts about other things cropping up here as well. Hope thats ok!

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Paint it Black said...

Seriously the pictures are so good the colours and lighting are fab. Love your boots great colour xoxo

amie k said...

thankyou hun I'm glad you like them! thankyou for the lovely comments xxxx

Alexandra said...

This is a cute outfit! I feel you about the summer thing i have started wearing my coat already! Slightly crazy!

♥sormui♥ said...

hi! Love those shoes! How tall r they?

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