Fall into Autumn....

I will admit to getting slightly more excited about the prospect of my AW wardrobe now the weather is changing. Well, not to say I like the rain, and to be fair, it's so muggy and in-betweeny at the moment, what ever I wear feels uncomfortable after an hour or so. But there was a slight chill this morning, as if the seasons are just about to click.

I wore my ASOS Sweeny shoe boots to work (mistake.) I lasted about an hour, lets just say: Thank goodness I have the foresight to take spare shoes random places with me.
Also last night (how gross is this) I had to take on a practically gargantuan mission of vile proportions-I have been babysitting my brothers tropical fish whilst he is on holiday, and I popped over last night to find one had died (quite a big one, he has a lobster that is noriously violent and I think they had some sort of tussle)-either way, one headless, floating, stinky dead fish was not what I wanted to be dealing with last night, yuck. It made me want to puke and I thought about the tasks they do in 'I'm a celebrity' etc, safe to say after looking at one dead fish and having to scoop it out of the tank and flush it down the can (trauma!) I could never do anything like that! urghhhh!

Speaking of reality tv, who is loving Ultimate Big Brother? I stole Chantelle's side bun from last night's show to wear today (don't judge me.) Anyone else want her and Prezzer to get it back on?! I'm loving the possibility! I have to look away everytime John McCririck is present though-vile man who eats his bogeys and picks his bum, makes me feel more queasy than that dead fish!
Leather Jacket, Watches: Vintage, Tee, Trousers: Gap, Shoe Boots: ASOS

Hope you've all had a good day! I have again been working this vintage jacket, but in cape format today with the sleeves tucked in the pockets. I'm going to make it multitask!
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Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while so thought I'd leave a comment, as I haven't before! I really enjoy looking at the outfits you put together, you're very good at pulling off the tailored look.
Really love the humorous element of this post! and of course your outfit is lovely. I feel for you having to deal with that fish, I don't think i'd have been able to go anywhere near it! and I am definitely hoping for Preston and Chantelle to get back together! It's the only reason I'm watching! :)

Liliana said...

Hi. Thanks for follow me.
I loved your style and I'll stop here more times :)


amie k said...

Thankyou Tash-I'm glad you enjoyed! thankyou for the lovely comment :) xxx

Hi Liliana-love your blog too! thankyou for the comments xxx

Paint it Black said...

Shame about those shoes I hate it when that happens why cant shoes be comfortable many a stunning shoe sits unworn in my wardrobe. Fabulous outfit and that vintage jacket is truly amazing xoxo

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