Fall into Autumn....

I will admit to getting slightly more excited about the prospect of my AW wardrobe now the weather is changing. Well, not to say I like the rain, and to be fair, it's so muggy and in-betweeny at the moment, what ever I wear feels uncomfortable after an hour or so. But there was a slight chill this morning, as if the seasons are just about to click.

I wore my ASOS Sweeny shoe boots to work (mistake.) I lasted about an hour, lets just say: Thank goodness I have the foresight to take spare shoes random places with me.
Also last night (how gross is this) I had to take on a practically gargantuan mission of vile proportions-I have been babysitting my brothers tropical fish whilst he is on holiday, and I popped over last night to find one had died (quite a big one, he has a lobster that is noriously violent and I think they had some sort of tussle)-either way, one headless, floating, stinky dead fish was not what I wanted to be dealing with last night, yuck. It made me want to puke and I thought about the tasks they do in 'I'm a celebrity' etc, safe to say after looking at one dead fish and having to scoop it out of the tank and flush it down the can (trauma!) I could never do anything like that! urghhhh!

Speaking of reality tv, who is loving Ultimate Big Brother? I stole Chantelle's side bun from last night's show to wear today (don't judge me.) Anyone else want her and Prezzer to get it back on?! I'm loving the possibility! I have to look away everytime John McCririck is present though-vile man who eats his bogeys and picks his bum, makes me feel more queasy than that dead fish!
Leather Jacket, Watches: Vintage, Tee, Trousers: Gap, Shoe Boots: ASOS

Hope you've all had a good day! I have again been working this vintage jacket, but in cape format today with the sleeves tucked in the pockets. I'm going to make it multitask!
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