Product Review: Umberto Giannini Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray

I am a sucker for a promo, so when I saw this Umberto Giannini salt spray on offer I thought I'd give it a whirl. It cost about £3 and promises to lend your hair an edge of grunge glamour, like, the tousled, sexy, just-out-of-bed look. Well, anything to give me a break from the straighteners!
You simply spray in to damp hair, then dry with a diffuser or leave to dry naturally. I usually opt for the latter option as my hair is so thick, any threat of heat (even via a diffuser) turns it into frizz city...nice!
So I followed the instructions-towelled off my hair, and sprayed liberally. I used quite a few pumps of the product as it is hard to tell how much you've used, unlike a cream or mousse that you can see. But it smells so good, I didn't mind!
It left my hair feeling texturised and pliable, no crispiness or greasy residue which is what I expect to get with surf sprays. I actually did used to surf and the texture created is similar to the feel of your hair when you've been in the sea, only without the greasiness or sewage-y odour! I scrunched my hair until dry (ish) and then stuck a bunch of pins in it to keep it off my neck, as it dried it kinked and waved really nicely. I took it down to sleep and this morning it looks fresh and beachy, and feels soft and not like it has any product in it at all, which is a real pro-point of this spray.
I am very happy with the result-it tackled my frizz and left my hair looking soft and 'cloudy' , as if I had been on the beach all day. I will definitely use it again, I found it activated the wave I had in my hair but didn't make it curly which was no mean feat! I think because I am growing my hair out, I shall use this a lot as a product to use on the 'in-between' stage that I am almost through now-I think when it is a couple of inches longer it will look even nicer.
A product that is certainly worth investing in, if you like that look! And with the 'Freja' haircut (google it) being the one to ask for now, this product is ideal to keep it looking suitably '90's grunge'-esque.
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Alexandra said...

This is cool, i will have to try some. I have the same problem with the hair dryer darn thick hair.
Might invest, its on my boots list haha

Unknown said...

where can i get some of this?


KathyGale said...

where did you get it for that much?! x

amie k said...

I got it from Boots last week, it was on offer with a third off xx

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