Charity Shop Find!

One of the perks about working on a high street is that I get to stare out the window when it's quiet in the shop, which can be a fun pasttime! And today was no exception...and when I clapped eyes on the above t-shirt being put on a mannequin in the window of the local YMCA, I knew time was of the essence! I arranged a quick 'break' to pop out and snag it...for £3.99! Finally, a bit of wearable Chanel....I've only been searching for, like, ever, but it turns out it has been worth the wait! I plan to wear this in sooooo many ways, I'm sure you'll be seeing it soon!
The shop assistants in the charity shop were really amused that it had sold so quickly, I knew I'd have to act fast to get it so I think I was just looking in the right place at the right time, haha!
What's been your best bargain purchase?
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Alexandra said...

Talk about a steal!!! Great shopping eye!
My best bargin was a 60's school uniform dress from back home in Aus, fits like a glove is so classey and nice and its was $4.00 so like 2.00 pounds.

cowbiscuits said...

oh my gosh what a bargain!! where do you work? There are no charity shops near my work however YMCA is my favorite - its always cheap!

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