J'adore Dior...

I love anything by Dior, obviously, and when in my local department store on my lunchbreak and happened upon these Dior products in a basket of bits reduced from £40 to £10, I thought I'd investigate further! I ended up with a Time-Fighting hand creme, and a Countouring gel-emulsion for neck and throat. I am concious that my neck is probably my worst area for showing signs of age, and also the skin on my jaw has definitely slackened as I've got older....must be all that talking! Anyway, I want to start my anti-aging regime early, and whilst so much emphasis is placed on the eye area and laughter lines around the mouth, not so much is focussed on the hands and the neck and decollete, which can often be the first places to betray ones age!
With this in mind I invested in these products. The handcream is almost like a gel-based lotion, very light and a little goes a long way. My hands immediately felt smoothed-the only bad point I've foind so far is that the smell is slightly more 'old woman' than I would have expected and anti-aging product to be! But I can overlook this if it sorts my weatherbeaten hands out.
The countouring gel emulsion smells much nicer, very fresh and clean with a very slim nozzle to ensure that only the smallest amount is deposited with each pump of the bottle-hence, no waste, and a little goes a long way. This product usually retails at £40 so it is somewhat of an investment, but if you are keen to target a specific area then it is worth putting the time and expense into doing it properly, I think. I haven't used it long enough to tell if there is a difference yet, but it does claim to 'sharpen your silhouette' and tighten the jawline-I'll keep you posted!

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