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I loved the Hills, and always used to prefer Lauren as a character, but I always had a soft spot for Whitney. I haven't seen much of The City yet, and while I love Olivia Palermo's glossy style (she always looks impeccable) I think I would give Whit the edge just for her quirkiness. She often gets slated in the press but I am yet to see an outfit of hers that I don't like.
She always wears her clothes really well and she always treads the right side of LA casual chic without looking too surfy/sporty, like Cameron Diaz sometimes does.

I am excited about the Whitney Eve fashion line, but I am a little wary that it might be supremely expensive and not all that quality-wise. I think Lauren Conrads line was very basic for the price range and I'm yet to see any of Heidi's range, though-mind you her style is rather too beach-barbie for me. And don't get me started on the surgery! What a waste on an already beautiful young girl.
What do you think of celebrities fashion lines? Can they ever be taken seriously? Even Victoria Beckham has taken a good few years to shake off her stigma as a 'celebrity' and start to be considered as a 'designer.' Do you guys buy any celeb-designed pieces?

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Mimi said...

i love whitney's and lauren's style! :D

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