It was such a beautiful day yesterday. I had the day off and as such managed to get loads done, then I went out in the evening to a friend's birthday barbecue, then a gig, then town. So it was a busy evening, but I had the rather large quandry of what to wear...something suitable for outside activities at a barbecue, but smart enough for an evening on the town.
I bought these shorts from Topshop in their sale but am yet to wear them! So I thought I'd give them a whirl. They're slightly high waisted, a little bit bloomer, a little bit harem, in short (!) everything I look for in a pair of shorts!
I spent the afternoon fake tanning my legs in preparation but failed to realise the tan would develop over several hours. As such I ended up with no tan last night, and browny/orange legs this morning. Oh well-it actually isn't that bad, except my feet are a little dirty-looking!
Cardigan, Hermes Pouch Bag, Watch: Vintage, Tee, Shoes & Shorts: Topshop, Bangles: Accessorize & Primark.

I had a lovely evening in all, despite a) drinking vodka, something I haven't touched since at least 1999 (this morning, I remembered why) and b) getting a football to the face at the barbecue (booted at me accidentally by the boy, hilariously funny if a little painful!) I also wore little nude ballet pumps to the barbecue (they were in my bag!) as I don't think there is anything worse than spindly heels (as these boots have) sinking into someone's lawn!
I have been wearing this vintage cardigan a lot, simply because the shape and shade seem less 'wintery' than a black blazer, and it makes a nice change from actually having to wear a coat. I was absolutely freezing at the barbecue after about an hour because the sun went in, luckily I did have a scarf to keep me a little warmer and then we all played games for a little while, I've discovered I am completely useless with a table tennis paddle and that soft flowerbeds are a hive of dangerous ankle twisting activity!My pouch bag is also vintage and probably one of my best ever finds-it is Hermes and cost £2.99 from my local Oxfam. It's very on trend as the little 'pumpkin' pouch bags are so hot right now. This is a little bigger than the ones that are around at the moment but I love it so I wil forgo that-plus I can actually fit a lot of stuff in it!
Hope you've had a lovely weekend too

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heartshapedbruise. said...

Great outfit - I love those shorts. I find it hard to find shorts that aren't too, well.. short! But they're just the right length in my opinion :)

Sounds like you had a busy day - making the most of your time off & the weather - lovely.

NaomiDee said...

i love you with long hair! really suits you and great shorts! :)

amie k said...

Thankyou ladies! xoxo

Emma - J - R said...

those shorts are so cute :)

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