I had a big old spring clean yesterday and tidied up my house,I managed to squeeze some more clothes into my (stuffed) wardrobes and thought I'd share a pic with you all. Look how bent the crossbar is on the left hand side, that wardrobe had another crossbar about halfway down but I broke it off (too much weight I think!)
Seriously, I have so many clothes. I have a whole other massive pile that wouldn't fit in on my sofa, and an ironing pile that's about as big as that again. Eek!
Never have anything to wear though....
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Gemma said...

I don't know if this only happens to me or everyone, but your orange twitter box on the left covers up your blog posts so that I can never read all of the text. It's even covering some of the comment box I'm typing in right now!

amie k said...

Hi Gem, you're the second person to say that! I have tried to re-size the box so hopefully it will be better for you now. Annoyingly it looks perfectly fine on my computer so I can't tell if it is blocking anything or not! xoxo

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