Taking The Mickey....

Sunglasses: Quiksilver, Jacket: H&M, Scarf: Primark, Jumper: The Boy's, Pegged Trousers: H&M, Sandals: Vintage

Well, as I posted last night, I was not very well which sucked. Being ill is the worst. Luckily I feel a bit better today but not well enough to give up the Mickey Mouse jumper that the Boy let me wear last night, I love it and it is soooo soft and comforting so for the moment I've nicked it :D

Don't know what's going on with my hair at the moment, according to Vogue the cut-of-the-moment is the 'Freya' which is 2 parts bob, 1 part mullet, topped off with a short fringe. I'd say I'm about 1 part there but realistically my barnet at the moment should probably be named the 'Rod' in homage to a certain Mr Stewart whom, we all know, is not best remembered for his stylish-ness of follicles. Nonetheless, he did manage to snare both Penny Lancaster and that Rachel bird so perhaps there is something to be said for a dodgy 'do. Anyway, mines only getting on my wick because it is growing out, which is what I want, ergo, a good thing.
Anyway, my outfit! So today I had the day off, I took the Boy to school then went home and spring cleaned my entire house. I even sucked a massive spider up the hoover, then felt bad for it and went and emptied the hooverbag onto the compost heap. IT WAS STILL LIVING which I think will confirm for you, lest you were not already convinced, of how massive and vile it was.

I am going to try and get an early night tonight as I still feel a bit crook. So I have a stack of fashion mags to peruse in a nice clean bed, what could be better? (well, it would be better if the Boy was there too. But he will be tomorrow!)
Hope you've all had a lovely Thursday. And it is nearly the weekend, which is always a reason to smile. And how lovely has the weather been today? Lets hope for more to come. I've got a maxi dress and some knee high glads which could definitely do with a day trip. Over and out!
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