New Sandals, Me Likey....

These are my new sandals which I bought with my uniform allowance. I really do love them, I wore them today for the first time and they are uber comfy, the leather is supersoft and the tassles are so on trend at the moment. Plus they are grey which is quite an uncommon colour for sandals I find, but so versatile. And they have a coral red lining. And some studs on the front. Yum. They are Roxy Heart by Michelle Hue and if you want to buy some yourself you can at they also come in black suede. Lush!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

Ooh now they are gorgeous! Pretty certain they'd be out of my price range though.. But they're grey! (Which is basically my favourite colour) & they don't have toe-posts, which is the main problem I have with buying sandals.. & .. for those raesons alone, they should be mine! I love them!

By the way, I know I've mentioned this before, but I'lm going to again, I hope you don't mind - this Twitter box on the side here? It obscures the first few words of every line of your text - I'm not saying it to moan or be annoying or anything, but I like reading your blog, & I feel like I'm missing out! (It's also cutting off the first words of each line of my comment right now, so I can't check what I've written..)

Chanel said...

I love those sandals. I want a pair too. I'm gonna have to check the website out.

Check out my new post.

Paint it Black said...

These are very nice great colour xoxo

amie k said...

Thankyou everyone! Heartshapedbruise, I don't mind you mentioning the Twitter box, thankyou for letting me know, it's so weird because on my computer and the Boy's computer, the blog looks fine-perhaps it's something to do with how my settings work on your computer screen? Bizarre! xoxo

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